Rivendell Roughriders off field support crew

Well it’s been a little while but I have been busy painting a new BloodBowl team – from ShadowForge an company based in the land down under. Lady elves and I think I have done a reaosnable job of them .They have become the Rivendell Roughriders for the local BloodBowl league. With a name like that I had to use a limited colour range and keep with the Saskatchewan Roughriders i.e. Green, white, and black although I added some yellow highlights in as well. This concentration in a limited set of colours certainly brings the team together.

I would like to have done better and had more graduation on the skin tones, as I think they are a little too pronounced, but it works. Note, I’ll be happy when summer comes and I can use real light to take photo’s. The basements lighting makes these more shiny than they really are.

I’ll concentrate of the off field models at present and will in my next post add some pictures of the players.

So of course in true football fashion we should lead off with the cheer leaders. Actually I am very happy how they came out. I was worried about doing the faces, but they seem reaosnable. At table level they look good. ­čÖé

Then the coaching staff. These have no effect on the game but were fun to paint:

And finally the medical staff. The nurse was interesting to paint – trying to get shades into the dress and yet not over do it. Also, her face did not come out as feminine as I was hoping for. I think she came out o.k. and is way above just painted to be on the table standards, but at the same time it won’t win any awards.

More to come for the team in the next few days…


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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