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Prussian Elite Infantry Brigade completed – Finally

Well it seems to have taken quite a long time to complete but I have another support division for my Prussians in the Lasalle game. This is my second support brigade, even though we usually only play with the core … Continue reading

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Dwarf team complete

Well I finished my female Dwarf Bloodbowl team. They came out rather well and I admit to enjoying painting these. Each model pose is different, so that really makes the team cool to handle. They are definitely painted up well … Continue reading

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WW2 1/600 Wildcat’s – first of a new scale and period

One painting project which has been on the back burner for a while is painting some 1/600 aircraft for use with the CY6! rules. I finally managed to finish 7 of the US wildcats this week, so thought I would … Continue reading

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Lady dwarf Bloodbowl team colour scheme decided

As well as picking up some elves from Shadowforge I also picked up lady Dwarfs. I managed to get an old model of a Deathroller which allows me to have that as a weapon on the team – more on … Continue reading

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Slibli star player painted for my Lizard team

Well just as a quick update, to add to my existing Lizardman team I finished the Lizard start player Slibli, shown below. My idea was to have this fig really stand out but also be similar to the other members … Continue reading

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