Prussian Elite Infantry Brigade completed – Finally

Well it seems to have taken quite a long time to complete but I have another support division for my Prussians in the Lasalle game. This is my second support brigade, even though we usually only play with the core and one support, which is often the light horse done and shown previously. These will be used in ‘mega games’ – maybe. This one is the ‘elite Infantry’ brigade – the 1st Foot Guards as you can see below:

It consists of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd battalions of the 1st Foot Guard regiment and the Jager guard battalion. I did the Jäger as a change, and also as the Guard regiments only had 3 battalions, but as Lasalle says 4 foot units the Guard Jäger battalion (which did exist) works perfectly for this in 1813/14 based army.

These seem to have taken an age to complete – partly because I wanted to differentiate them from the normal line on the table top even though their field uniform was very similar to the line units. So I added the cuff trim etc to the figures. I was also annoyed that the blue I used for the coats ran/bled into the grey and white when I varnished them. So that required some extra repainting. <sigh>

Ah well for a few close ups, first the guns of the foot Artillery. Note, you can still see a little of the colour bleed of the blue – and it looks more purple on the grey. I tidied that up lot but but left some as it is not extreme and gives them a certain look:

Next, one of the 1st battalion, 1st Foot Guard Regiment. I just use a single figure on penny’s for the Skirmish troops. This seems to work out well and give all players an easy visual reference for the units skirmish level without getting in the way on the table top.

And then, just for giggles a shot of the the third battalion 1st Foot Guards (the yellow shoulder straps indicate the battalion number being the 3rd).

And lastly the Guard Jäger regiment. These guys were not issues the same number and type of flags etc as typical regiments, so I included a command group – the left stand with a horn etc. but I did not include a unit flag. In theory they would have been armed with rifles but in the Lasalle army builder I’ll use them in the 4th unit in the Elite brigade.

Well onto the heavy cavalry for the Prussian support units.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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