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Malifaux – first Guild figs done

Well another game system and some figures started. I also manged to get these completed this month, although right at the end. They have been on the painting table for a while and so I finished them off in the … Continue reading

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Prussian Cuirassiers – Abteilung Brigade complete

Well I have been painting with some focus in the last few weeks when I got some down time. The aim has been to complete the last key Prussian units for my Lasalle Prussian army – these are the heavy … Continue reading

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Washingroom Ratskins finished

Well just in time for the Orion cup ( a local Blood Bowl competition, I have finished painting another team. This time it was Skaven on the painting block. I made up the name the ‘Washingroom Ratskins’ obviously (to me) … Continue reading

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