Washingroom Ratskins finished

Well just in time for the Orion cup (http://orioncup.com/) a local Blood Bowl competition, I have finished painting another team. This time it was Skaven on the painting block. I made up the name the ‘Washingroom Ratskins’ obviously (to me) named as a corruption the Washington Redskins NFL team.I’m not sure if I’ll really use these in the comp bit the aim was to have them as an option.

I used the NFL team’s colours (Burgundy, Yellow and White) as the main colour scheme. As they are from the ‘Washingroom’ I also tried to make the bases dark and a little ‘swampy’ or at least looking like poor quality grass/land. After all they are ratmen and so basing them on poor conditions is a reasonable thing to do.  In the same lines there is no way they should be ‘clean and crisp’ figures like the previous three team I painted. So, they have several washes or black and/or brown  (from the GW wash sets) as well as lowlights to give them a dirty/grungy appearance. I left the white very crisp though and used it just for the Skaven logo, which is the triangle you can see below. The dirty yellow is maybe a little too close to the skin tone of brown for a prefect colour pallet in the figure, but overall I’m happy with the result.  This also has an effect on the pictures where the green background and the yellow makes the contrast not a crisp as in some other pictures. All the models certainly fit well into the team concept.

As a point of note, I used a white undercoat for these not my usual black. This seemed to help with getting a lighter colour tone and washing down to give a grimy look. I went back to one coat of future polish and 1 of W&N matt varnish to take most of the shin off vs. trying different varnishes or doing multiple coats of the W&N matt after the future varnish. Hopefully this holds up well to ware – only time will tell.

Well here is the team – all 23 of them – when I paint a team I do all options so that I hopefully never have to paint more. Then the rat ogre – a pastic one straight out of the Fantasy range (note the camera flash made this model shiner than it is):

And some close up’s of the positional players – the linemen:

And a few from other angles:

The Blitzers – the higher defensive value figures:

The fast Gutter runners – capes flowing:The Throwers – the ball handlers of the ream:

And of course some mutant models all ready for use if needed:


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to Washingroom Ratskins finished

  1. Tristan says:

    dude how the hell do you paint so much. your capacity for production makes me insanely jealous. i really like the colour palette you chose too.

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