Prussian Cuirassiers – Abteilung Brigade complete

Well I have been painting with some focus in the last few weeks when I got some down time. The aim has been to complete the last key Prussian units for my Lasalle Prussian army – these are the heavy Cavalry. I’m not sure how often they’ll get on the table but they certainly add some colour and character to the Prussians who otherwise are quite dark uniform wise. So here they are.

So first a picture of the full brigade as defined in Lasalle – two large units and supporting horse artillery. Yes I found I had another to paint even though last month I thought I had finished. I also painted another set of limbers, so that makes 2 that I have and 3rd set is still to be painted.

Next I have a couple of close ups of the units. I admit trying to get the white coats with white strapping at this scale was not the easiest thing to do for me, but it seems to have come out o.k. It required a sold white coat first , followed by a heavy wash with black. Then I dry brushed white on again and finally went over with both black and white in detail on separate brushed to ensure all the highlights and gaps/differences in the tunic to strapping came through. I’m sure there may be a better way of doing this, but it worked in the end for the most part.

All the leather on the saddle work was painted black as that what it seems to be in most of the pictures I found – vs. a more natural leather colour for the dragoons etc. As the Prussians only had 4 regiments of Cuirassier’s after the 1806 disaster so the scope of uniforms (facing and saddle cloths etc.) are pretty limited, and agreed upon by all parties. So below are the 2nd and 3rd regiments for use in Lasalle. The flags however are not the exactly correct ones for the regiments but I think are somewhat close. Close enough for me anyway, as few books/sites agree on what those were anyway.

I bought more figures than I needed (due to my error) for Lasalle so ended up with enough for some of the other regiments. I painted the 1st regiment of Cuirassiers  as well as shown below:And finally all the Cuirassier regiments (1st, 2nd and 3rd) I have so far, all ready for the table:

I’m continuing on trying to finish all the Prussians that I have, but really I already have approx twice the number of units needed for a sensible nights gaming… That will finally include the 4th Cuirassier regiment as well.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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