Malifaux – first Guild figs done

Well another game system and some figures started. I also manged to get these completed this month, although right at the end. They have been on the painting table for a while and so I finished them off in the last few days.

These are from Malifaux, a skirmish game and in theory the figures here are enough to play a game with. The main draw other than the figs and background for me in this game is that it uses cards not dice for the game play.

The figs are 32mm in scale but as they are more in real life proportion than GW figs they are a little taller than them, but quite a bit thinner. I did not follow the exact colours of the blisters but they are the same theme. All from the Guild and I have a few more figs from this faction. This is the controlling  power in the setting. These are  the characters Lady Justice, Judge and three Death Marshals, from a base set.

My main self criticism on these is I used too much shading – a combination black and brown, so it is a little much. However, I did want to give them a very dirty, grimy real life cowboy look, which I think come across. Again the lighting gives them more of a shin than in real life, but  heck they are reasonable and the shading came out well in general – especially on the Lady Justice and Judge’s hair.

I’m also trying some combined photo shots – see what you think below. Next time I need to get bigger shots. BTW Lady Justice is the red head and blind of course…

Here are the Death Marshals, with their coffins full of nasty stuff.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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