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6mm Baccus Danish GNW – foot troops completed

Well the title say it all. The 8 elements of foot for the DBR army are now complete. Overall, as I have done more of them I have found that the painting gets easier. It’s still a controlled painting job … Continue reading

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6mm Baccus Danish GNW -first elements painted

So, this eve I spent some time getting 3 small bases  – 24 figures of the foot painted. They are not properly based or varnished yet though. First there was the grenadier base:And then two of the normal foot – … Continue reading

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6mm trial painting – Baccus Danish GNW

There has been some discussion about doing 6mm figs with the guys. So, as a trial I’m painting some Baccus 6mm Danish figs from the GNW (Great Northern War of 1700-1721) – just a sample pack for DBR which I … Continue reading

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Orange Crush – Human Bloodbowl team

I was struggling with a name for this team when a friend suggested ‘Orange Crush’ and that works for me as a cool name – thanks again Jack. So here is are a few pictures of the team. These are … Continue reading

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All the Guild ‘gang’ is finished

Well I think the title says it all. I managed to compete and take photo’s of my remaining Guild models for Malifaux this weekend. So below are some pictures of them. I’m trying to use combined pictures with front and … Continue reading

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The skys over Guadalcanal get more aircraft

After a delay I have managed to get some more 1/600 planes done. I always feel that these should be quick to paint up, but it seems to take longer than I expect to do these models. Anyway, I have … Continue reading

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