The skys over Guadalcanal get more aircraft

After a delay I have managed to get some more 1/600 planes done. I always feel that these should be quick to paint up, but it seems to take longer than I expect to do these models. Anyway, I have extended the aircraft I have to support more of the air battle over the island of Guadalcanal.

I have added 12 zero’s, 6 kate torpedo bombers, 10 betty bombers for the Japanese, as well as 6 aircobra’s and another 5 wildcats. This should allow some interesting games with CY6 rules set. I will be adding some more Japanese planes to the painted collection soon as I have 12 Sally bombers on the painting table next.

Getting the right colour for the Japanese planes was not easy, and I’m still not convinced that I have it perfect. What I have is from a light wash on a GW base paint Dhenen Stone. However, it looks something like many of the pictures I researched and supposedly the colours of paint were not perfect, so they will have too. Fine lining on the lighter planes was done with a sharp pencil, while the on the dark green Betty’s I used a draftsmen pen. This was easier than trying to paint, or get the lines to show via using washes.

I’m using Dom’s decals on the planes which I have to say do finish them off nicely. I just do the decals on the sides and upper wing surfaces. I don’t expect to use the planes up side down so save putting the decals on the bottom – but I do paint that of course.

So a shot of all the ‘newly painted’ planes – from front to back, Kate’s, Zero’s then the Betty’s and in the back the US Aircobra’s and Wildcats:

So then a couple of close ups. I must admit, I like the way the Aircobra’s came out – even if they were not the greatest planes in reality they look nice models.

And a sample of each of the Japanese aircraft (well 2 zero’s):


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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