Orange Crush – Human Bloodbowl team

I was struggling with a name for this team when a friend suggested ‘Orange Crush’ and that works for me as a cool name – thanks again Jack. So here is are a few pictures of the team. These are the GW plastic miniatures (2 sets) to make a full and complete team. They came out better than I expected over all, so I am please with this team.

I found it a challenge to shade the orange colour – which is why the Blitzers helmet tassels are a little more red than I was originally going for, but in the end I like the effect. The team comes together well with the basic colour scheme, even though each colour is shaded/tones with low and high lights.

I tried to go for a look which was themed after those 1920’s football teams. I think it works. I also wanted an Ogre which matched the team vs. being an obvious bolt on, which although sometimes good, is not the look I was going for. This GW metal Ogre works perfectly for that I believe – he is in football gear and a good pose.

Note, I’m using the Ogre in my next team, the ‘Ogre Crush’. Yes, that’s using the same Orange as a colour but a light grey vs. Cream, so although it fits in well here the model will do double duty in teams. So close up’s on that when the rest of the team is painted.

This time in my constant quest for a better varnish finish I just used a the Windsor Newton Acrylic Matt. No gloss under it. So only time will tell if this works or whether it wares quickly.

So here is the team shot:

And the some close ups on the positional players.

Lastly, the painted figure I modified and showed with green stuff a little while ago. He is now the Star player Griff… Not sure I’ll ever use him but heck it was interesting painting him and it did not come out too bad. Note, no number and the while end to the helmet tassel and on the shoulder pad to make him stand out a little, but not a lot.

Now if only I can figure out how to play well with my Bloodbowl teams I’ll be set.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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