6mm trial painting – Baccus Danish GNW

There has been some discussion about doing 6mm figs with the guys. So, as a trial I’m painting some Baccus 6mm Danish figs from the GNW (Great Northern War of 1700-1721) – just a sample pack for DBR which I have had for oh many (approx 12+) years in a back cupboard… This pack is not even for sale any more, although the models themselves are. One advantage of this small pack is it comes with a basic guide for what the uniforms were so that helps in this trial for me to see how I like painting in this scale.

Here is an example of the figs:

I’ll keep track of this project here in the next few posts. 🙂

The first think I have to say is these figs in this scale unbased are a little delicate and fiddly. I broke 2 off the base trying to file the bottoms flat to set them up for painting! Also these are old so the quality may have improved but there are some minor miscasts which can be seen – figs having 1 not both legs on the base. One base does not have full muskets either etc. In such a small scale that’s not unexpected and on the table I doubt anyone will notice unless looking really closely but when cleaning them I did. The figs are crisp though and there is luckily very little flash on them. So overall they are not that bad.

The other issue is that although the strips are nearly 20mm, they are really slightly longer. So some delicate clipping and cutting is required to get the multiple elements square on a base. I’m just using 2 strip2 of figs on a 40mm wide base (as the pack was designed) for the units but I can see this being a pain when using more strips.

You can see that from the overhead shot:From the top & front they seem reasonable though:

So I now have the infantry based and primed, as you can see below. Overall I have to say so far I found the 6mm basing harder than doing the same for 15 or 28mm scale figs. Cliping the bases and sanding requires far more care than in 15 or 28mm’s. However, this took far less time than doing the same number of 15mm bases, so there is that for it. I just need to be more delicate in handling these figs.


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