6mm Baccus Danish GNW – foot troops completed

Well the title say it all. The 8 elements of foot for the DBR army are now complete. Overall, as I have done more of them I have found that the painting gets easier. It’s still a controlled painting job but after some input and comments from others on the painting style I think I got a little faster. Overall I must admit I’m quite impressed with the result and they look o.k. in my opinion.

I found some techniques – such as painting the white lace hat trim less than perfect and then touching up with black much easier than trying to get the trim prefect on the first coat. Also, clean straight lines with high contrast catch the eye much better than larger scale models. So colours need to be contrasting to work really well it seems in the scale. So I temper my last comments, these were different but no more challenging than 15mm’s to paint to the level I was happy with.  They definitely are faster to get done  if using the simple 8 foot to a base, but I likely would move to the newer basing if/when I do more.

Here is an example of a finished close up could of bases – just waiting for static grass and flags:

Below are a couple of shots of the whole foot. I based these as suggested on the Baccus site and I think they came out quite well really. A little more detail and static grass around may be better next time but they look ok. Note, the flags came with the pack.
So onto the horse now – which if anything look harder, as there is more items to paint in the small models, but like the foot, they may become easier as the foot have.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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