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Final unit of Prussian Cruirassiers

Well it’s been a busy month at work but I managed to get the last unit of Prussian Cruirassiers completed. These are painted as the Westphalian Cruirassiers – Regiment No.4. These are Battlefront, not Old Glory 15mm figures.  The figures … Continue reading

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My guide for varnishing models

Over time I have tried various techniques for varnish models and continue to do so. I also have commented in various posts about varnishes I use for figures and this is the one area which seems to leave a lot … Continue reading

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Ogre Krush Bloodbowl team

As well as doing the 6mm GNW trial project (see previous few posts), I have slowly been working on a BloodBowl Ogre team – Ogre Krush – OK for short. These use the same Orange as the OC (Orange Crush) … Continue reading

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6mm Baccus Danish GNW – Mounted units and summary

Well I have now finished the horse that came with this DBR army pack. They came out well, but again I have say they were a little fiddly to base and paint, as the rest of the 6mm army was. … Continue reading

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