6mm Baccus Danish GNW – Mounted units and summary

Well I have now finished the horse that came with this DBR army pack. They came out well, but again I have say they were a little fiddly to base and paint, as the rest of the 6mm army was. It takes getting used to this scale of figs it seems.

In the end I stuck the figs to the old Malifaux boxes to paint and then separated them to base. My advice for others in this regard is two items. First, make sure all the horses are facing the same way when painting. I did not and that caused delays flipping them around constantly for painting! The second is to paint the ground/base colour on the horses before basing them on the final base. Trying to do that afterwards was a pain.

Overall, I’m impressed with how the horse came out.  One thing different than doing 15mm is that it was more effective the paint the uniforms first and get to the horse last. I found myself wanting to paint the horse tackle and doing some minor black lining on the uniforms in this scale. This makes the contrasts between colours pop as mentioned in my last post and it is obvious – it does make a difference. See what you think:


So, in summary I’m very impressed and happy with my 6mm trial painting project. As you can see below I think the 100 ap army came  out really nicely.I would recommend this scale to others with the following clarifications.

As for the Baccus 6mm figs, there were a couple of miss casts and weak legged figs but nothing dramatic or anything that spoils the army. There was next to no flash on the figs which was great. The level of detail is very good on so small a figure. Thus, the few issues I encountered is not unexpected – you get issues on 15mm figs as well. I must also point out, as I commented before, I’ve had these figs for 12+years and they have crossed the pond several times as well, so they have held up fairly well really.

For the painting, I’d say these were the same level of difficulty  as doing 15mm’s. 6mm is not the ‘simple no skill’ painting level which some may think, but if you can paint 15mm’s you can paint 6’s to a decent level. Slightly different skills/focus is required to paint them, and a level of precision brush handling is needed to get the most out of the figs. However, the big advantage to me is that you can paint many of these figs faster than the larger scales, even with the number of separate figs to paint. To do this you need to paint in a factory style though and do many at once.

So, after this I’m definitely happy with Baccus 6mm. This test painting project persuaded me to join local group of players are going to use 6mm for Seven Years war. We’ll be aiming to play the battles with the Might and Reason rules set. I expect to order and paint more of these little guys soon.

In the end the 6mm also look very ‘army-ish’ rather than just a few figs on a base, and that’s a good thing as well. So, a shot of the completed army:


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One Response to 6mm Baccus Danish GNW – Mounted units and summary

  1. Again, great work on this and congrats on finishing a starting army. Give us some battle reports when they are tested for the first time.

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