Ogre Krush Bloodbowl team

As well as doing the 6mm GNW trial project (see previous few posts), I have slowly been working on a BloodBowl Ogre team – Ogre Krush – OK for short. These use the same Orange as the OC (Orange Crush) team for the base colour. That’s because they share the first Ogre figure. Part of this is because I’m not sure when I’ll really play this team, but I really liked the GW Ogres and the Impact imps, so this was the perfect excuse to get and paint up the team!

Rather than Orange and cream, which I used for the ‘Crush team’ shown in the last BB post, I used Orange and light grey for the this team. They are close enough that an Ogre from this team will also work and be used in the Human team. That saves a little painting and cost, as the GW Ogres are not cheap! Below is the team photo:

I did not do my normal Future Wax, then Winsor & Netwon varnish finish on these, but went straight to the W&N varnish. This has in the end made for a slightly more matte finish than doing the normal two stage process. I’ll see if this is strong enough to last some games of BB without too much wear.

I found the Orange base colour is quite hard to highlight, but I did my best with the figures. I’m not sure it comes through on the pictures though. Overall, I think they came out o.k. but not great. Orange highlighting is something to revisit at some point and do more digging on the web for suggestions.Luckily few historical armies or forces use a lot of Orange!

I decided to paint the snottlings and Ogres as small/large humans vs. the traditional green type skin colours. It works much better for the Ogres than the snottlings. Maybe I should have gone a little lighter on the skin tones of the little guys.

So below are some shots of the Ogres and snottling’s who make up the team. P.S. I’m trying something new with the slide show. Let me know if it works.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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