GW Mounted Chaos Marauders

These are part of an initiate in the local club, too complete some previous unfinished projects (which I happen to have a lot of it must be said). So while finishing off the 15mm Prussians I decided to work on some mounted Chaos Marauders from GW. You’ll see a few more of these projects in the coming weeks.

I obtained these figures in a half painted state (just the horses and bases were complete) in a purchase many years ago. The horses are o.k. but I’d likely have used putty to get rid of the join lines on the models etc if I was doing them myself. However, I really did not feel like cleaning them off to redo this. So, they have been sitting in my ‘to be painted’ queue for a long time. Thus, as part of the finishing projects work I thought I’d give them some love and finish them off.

I was going to use the army wash on these, but in the end did not and just went with a matt paint on varnish. Overall, I’m happy with how these came out, and although I did not go too town on the paint effects I think they are o.k. I aimed to make them a little brighter vs. my typical historical ‘dark tone’ finish, which I think worked. The standard was the only area I ‘compromised’ on, going for simple runes on a basic background vs. anything too advanced. Advanced standards are works of art in themselves and are a challenge for my skill level and this unit did not motivate me enough to try that.  So what I did is more than o.k. but not great.

They also should go with the previous unit of chaos warriors.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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