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November projects – light horse and stuff

As part of an effort to close out some half finished projects in the last month I have been working on finishing some small ‘old’ and odd projects. I’m still working on some but here are a sample shots of … Continue reading

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DAK recruits finished

I have finished a few extra items for my DAK (Deutsches Afrikakorps – i.e. the German army in the desert) Flames of war army for WW2 gaming. The first is a recon platoon. This gives the army a little armed … Continue reading

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Orcland Raiders team ready to play ball

Being an Oakland Raiders fan there was only one team and set of colours which my Orc team had to be painted as. The black and silver of the Raiders. There was no choice really. So the team from the … Continue reading

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More Japanese 1/600 Japanese WW2 planes

It seems I have been making very little progress at times on this project, but I have slowly been painting up some more 1/600 aircraft for the pacific WW2 theater. I find fixing the magnets for basing on these models … Continue reading

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Army paniter Quickshade – Strong shade varnish 15mm fig test

Well a friend tried the Army Painter Quickshade varnish and had reasonable results so as I had a can of the Strong shade which I bought at the HotLead show earlier this year I thought I would give it a … Continue reading

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