November projects – light horse and stuff

As part of an effort to close out some half finished projects in the last month I have been working on finishing some small ‘old’ and odd projects. I’m still working on some but here are a sample shots of things I have finished in November.

All these use a basing system called basetex. I used this for several old armies and had to get a package of this shipped from the UK to match the existing troops I have. Overall it’s o.k. but I think my basing of troops has improved over the years. However, I wanted these to fit in to the existing troops so used the same basing system as the existing models they will go with.

Note, basing is an important aspect of figures and one I overlooked until I started really looking at others figures and learning to improve and concentrate on this. So don’t make my early mistake and think this is not part of the model – it is and it’s an important area for the overall model composition.

So first, a couple of bases of  Renaissance halberds carriers for the early 17th Century forces I have:

Then a couple of bases of Scottish pistols armed troops. I have to say I like the way these came out – especially the simple but effective tartan for 15mm figs:

Next some later 16th/early 17th Cent lancers – one base of light horse and 2 of more formed troops. These make it up to 4 bases of each type that I have for these troops. These are used for early 17th cent Spanish armies I have made in the past for the DBR rules set.

Next, a couple of bases of Hungarian Light horse – used by the armies of the Thirty Years war as light troops. Again these make the total I have available up to 4, and allows these to be used for FOG and other rules sets.

Now we have some light infantry. These in theory are Irish for the mif 17th Century, but can also very easily be any javelin armed western troops from the 14th to 17th Cent. These may act as local foot population support foot for the Teutonic Knights army, as well as kerns for 17th Cent Irish armies.

Next we have the finished local light horse for  my Teutonic Knights army. These were the ones which I tested using the army painters several posts ago. Now they are finished.

And finally a couple of shots for some light horse (Turkopolen) to support  Teutonic Knights army and finish that off that army :

So that’s it for November, but I have more LH and some Chariot’s next.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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