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SYW British Guard Cavalry and Hanoverian light troops

I’m still enjoying painting 6mm figs for Might and Reason – and other games and so here are another set of finished troops. They paint up well and I’m getting the hang of painting this scale a bit I think. … Continue reading

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Prinz Anhalt Division plus extra’s

Well I continued with the Seven years war 6mm painting project over the weekend.  I now have finished the forth column from the battle of Minden, which was controlled by Prinz Anhalt. I also could not resist painting another couple … Continue reading

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Bloodbowl wizard

Well a quick one today. I finished a Wizard for Bloodbowl, which will be used as a reminder I have one when playing the game, as it’s easy to forget them in the middle of the action! Bloodbowl fans are … Continue reading

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Minden third column under Lieutenant-general von Spörcken

Continuing the work on my 6mm figs, I have now completed the units from the third column under Lieutenant-general von Spörcken from the battle of Minden. The shot below does include the previous two bases I posted.I have to say … Continue reading

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The British are comming – the 20th and 25th regiments

Well a couple of shots of my first completed British units in 6mm for various games this year. The main targets are ‘Might and Reason’ and ‘Maurice’ both by Sam Mustafa. Below I have the 25th regiment of foot (with … Continue reading

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‘Ramos the red’ and his machines

Well over the Christmas break I spent some time working on my next Malifaux gang, and now as a start for the New Year I get to post the results. The theme colours are red and silver metal for the … Continue reading

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