‘Ramos the red’ and his machines

Well over the Christmas break I spent some time working on my next Malifaux gang, and now as a start for the New Year I get to post the results. The theme colours are red and silver metal for the models and then a background basing of brass and piping. Overall, I think it came off quite well. So, here are the whole ‘gang’ shot:I tried an interesting technique with the varnishing, where I used matte varnish on the bases and most of the models, but on the metal and red of the creations I used a satin finish. This makes the mechanical pieces of models jump out from the cluttered but very thematic bases. Again, to highlight the theme for the gang, the bases are very industrial, somewhat dirty and very busy with different pipes and wires. This is contrasted with the mechanical models which are ‘clean’.

So for the detail shots, first the spiders or as they are correctly known Steampunk Arachnids. These come in single elements or combined with three on a singe base. In the game 3 individuals can combined to the larger base.The combined bases, of which I have two, provide more options. They are complex scenic bases, and are separate from the individual based figures.Then we have Ramos – the boss of the gang and creator of many of the other items in the gang. Again I made sure the red and silver theme carried through to him. The ‘electric flame’ seemed to call out to be blues and this worked out well in the end.Next we have the Joss the other human in the group. In this case just the axe heads are satin varnish finish, all the other bits of the model are matte. Also on the axe heads I tried to create a ‘weird’ red glyph finish. Not sure it really worked out quite as well as I hoped but it’s not too bad.The executioner Arachnid in next and the hard man of the gang This is one heck of a large model and I tried to do it justice, making the skin look real but pale and lifelike so not too much like a healthy person. Lastly, a couple of other creations, which supposedly help Ramos in play during the game.


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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