The British are comming – the 20th and 25th regiments

Well a couple of shots of my first completed British units in 6mm for various games this year. The main targets are ‘Might and Reason’ and ‘Maurice’ both by Sam Mustafa. Below I have the 25th regiment of foot (with the yellow regimental flag/colors) and the 20th regiment of foot (with the green).I used the Kronoskaf project ( for uniforms details (this is a great resource for the period). I will be working on the forces which were on the allied side in the Battle of Minden as a basis for my painting.

I like that site as it provide the real details which can be reflected in the models. For example, the 20th regiment had natural leather vs. whitened leather cross belts and shoulder straps which can be seen well from the back shot below. Note, these troops have white gators which were being phased out in place of black ones in the British army. I did want to paint at least a couple of units with them though so these guys got them.These two units were in under lieutenant-general von Spörcken 3rd column. Only 1 battalion from each regiment fought at Minden, so for the games these two battalions will work as a single unit. The rest of the column should be marching off the painting table fairly soon to join these guys.Overall they have come out quite well, but I still need to work on getting the flags to a clean finish, along with making sure the details of the figs show up well on the table. I do like the bases though. 60 x 30 mm really give a nice look to the units and add a scenic look to the figures. So two down and another 6 to go for this command.P.S. I have a hard time getting good photo’s of these so I’ll work on that for the next post.


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2 Responses to The British are comming – the 20th and 25th regiments

  1. Looks good, you did a terrific job on the basing.

  2. Michael Denesyk says:

    Nice work Marke, Lets see them in a game soon

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