Prinz Anhalt Division plus extra’s

Well I continued with the Seven years war 6mm painting project over the weekend.  I now have finished the forth column from the battle of Minden, which was controlled by Prinz Anhalt. I also could not resist painting another couple of British units which were not actually at Minden but did fight on the continent in the SYW – the 11th and 33rd regiments. I have to say the top view is quite cool IMO – and playing with them we’ll get more of an aerial view anyway:
So to the individual units, and again all these were all single battalion in strength. This means they will have to be combined to make units in Might and Reason – or Maurice. For other rules I’ll have to see. So first the regiments under the Prinz. First off the Hanoverian Brunck regiment:Hanoverian Fabrice regiment: Hanoverian Hardenberg regiment:Hanoverian Stolzenberg regiment:Hanoverian Knesebeck regiment:And finally the Hanoverian Wagneheim regiment: Note, Wagneheim’s regiment were not actually under the Prinz at Minden but I’m using as a replacement for a hessian unit which was part of this column even up the numbers for the M&R rules.

Lastly, the couple of extra British units. First the 11th regiment of foot:And the 33rd regiment of foot:Next are some light foot troops and maybe horse units before coming back to the Hessian foot and grenadier regiments I think.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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  1. Man, you’re really pumping these out – they look great!

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