SYW British Guard Cavalry and Hanoverian light troops

I’m still enjoying painting 6mm figs for Might and Reason – and other games and so here are another set of finished troops. They paint up well and I’m getting the hang of painting this scale a bit I think.

First the start of the mounted arm – the British Royal Horse Guards (The Blues). These are the first mounted troops for the army and doing these took a little longer than the foot. The  Horse Guards had 3 squadrons in the SYW and so to my rough OoB translation for the army of 2 squadrons/1 foot battalion to a base, that meant I could push this a little and have a full unit of 2 bases of them:For the horse I’m painting the flags vs trying to use paper ones. You can see the result here. It’ not as bad as I feared actually and on the table looks ok. They are not perfectly correct but for the unit and this scale heck it looks alright to me. I did try ensure that the horse colours are correct – black for all other than the trumpeters who rode a grey horses!Next we have the Légion Britannique – light troops who fought with some effect (but also lots of issues) for the Hanoverian/British cause. The models are Baccus Prussian Prussian Jagers, which seem to work very well for these troops. I have battalions 1 through 4 below. The 1st is the light blues in the back left corner. Then they go clockwise from there, so the 3rd battalion (in white) is the front right. There is plenty of bush/cover on these bases as they are irregulars and light troops. Lastly a couple of shots of the better light warfare troops from the army – the Jägers. There are not many Jäger units so I just have 2 bases of these. Light troops were still in their infancy in the Seven Years War. The Freytag Jägers have the white leather belts while Scheither foot Jagers are the other unit/base.From the side:More cavalry coming soon.


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