SYW British and Hanoverian heavy cavalry

Continuing my SYW 6mm painting project, next up are the heavy cavalry of the army. I am still focusing on the British and Hanoverian army units from the battle of Minden as a theme. Painting these was a little more difficult than the infantry but overall they came together fairly well.

So the group shots. Might and Reason allows 4 heavy cavalry units – 2 British Dragoons and 2 Hanoverian cavalry units, along with the guard cavalry shown in the last post. This highlight the obvious difference between the two – the British Red vs. Hanoverian white. Again the flags are painted but seem to look good at this scale on the table, even if they are not perfect up close. At the 6mm scale the final result on the table is a much more powerful item than the perfection of the separate elements it seems.

So the detailed unit shots. First the 1st King’s Dragoon Guards. They sent 3 squadrons to the continent and so justified 2 bases for a single unit to my mind at least.Next the 10th Mordaunt’s Dragoons in front and the 3rd Howard’s Dragoon Guards behind:Then the Hanoverian Cavalry, Pruschenk’s squadrons to the front and Gilten’s to the rear:Finally the last unit’s, with Dachenhausen’s squadrons to the front and Miltitz’s to the rear:Again without the Kronoskaf project web site I would have had a heck of a time getting the colours for these units – and would likely have just made them up. That site may not be perfect but is a great reference for us newbies in this area and gets my recommendation for people looking into the Seven Years War.


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  1. Good lord, you’re a machine!

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