The Grenadiers and foot units march off the painting table

So I have another set of 6mm units completed for my Allied SYW army. Below is the mass shot of British and Hessian Grenadiers units. These are combined battalions I used 2 units and did the front and back rank from different regiments. For the Hessian Grenadiers that’s prefect as each battalion only had 2 regiments troops and were near permanent established battalions in the allied army. The British Grenadiers units were combined in much more temporary manner, so I used the grenadiers from the British units already painted. I have 1 more unit – likely Hanoverian Grenadiers in the future.The grenadiers did not carry flags/colours so that makes the units more distinctive on the table. So for a close up of the British units:And then the Hessian’s units – the first I have painted up for this army, but I will be adding some Hessian foot units later as well:Lastly, just for fun I finished a couple more Hanoverian and British Battalions. The British are the only ones not at the battle of Minden, but they were active in the America’s during the Seven Years War.Here are some close ups of the British (the 24th and the 25th regiments of Foot):The Hanoverian unis (the Sachen-Gotha and Kielmannsegg Battalions) are below:


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