The Hessians are comming

As the last major group of units that I plan to do at this point for my British/Hanoverian Seven Years War army, I have now finished 8 Hessian Battalions. The Hessians were part of the allied army in the SYW and fought in most of the major engagements, such as the battle of Minden. Below is a shot of the units marching off the painting table.

I also finished up three more commanders for the army.

Here you can see a close up of the various units. The interesting factor for these is they all wore uniforms based on the Prussian style – so they all have little coloured pom-poms on their tricorne hats. I Used Baccus Prussian troops for these units rather than standard British figures. As normal for this project, all the units are real and based on actual ones. I paint the name of the battalion on the bottom of the base to ensure that I have that if needed/asked in the future.

Lastly, one of the factors which I find less than perfect with my basing of these figures is that from the top there the gap between the figure sets is obvious. My first attempt to reduce this a little was a use a mixture of a dark green paint vs. the ground colour. Below you can see the difference. You can see the results below.

It’s not perfect but it is a little better – well maybe. I’m going to continue trying out different techniques for this personal nitpick in basing. The ultimate may be to put a little flock in between the bases but that’s a very delicate task and one which may not be worth the effort.


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