Hotlead Russian plastic tanks

Well after a year after buying these at the Hotlead convention in 2011 I finished this project. So it’s taken exactly a yer from purchase to completion. There are several projects from last years convention still to be completed, but this is at least one done. I must say, the Hotlead convention ( is a great event and one which provides wonderful entertainment (both for the wallet and mind with trades and demo games) each year. For those readers in the Ontario area I recommend it strongly.

So this was ten (10) T34 tanks from the plastic solider company – two packs of tanks. They can be early T34/76 or the later T34/85 tanks – which have different turrets. You can see all the parts below:

The turrets are not easy to really put into the main tank bodies, but with a little effort it is done and they move. They take the paint well and are fairly easy to paint up – just as easy as battlefront stuff really. There are a couple of join lines which are not that obvious, but the commander figure is definitely uninspiring, even tough I used 2 – one in a 76 turret and the other an 85. Below is a shot of the completed tanks – the decals are from battlefront.

Overall, on the table top they look as good as the battlefront mini’s but are significantly cheaper – but at the cost of being much harder to add/remove and move the tanks  turret’s. The detail level and proportions are about the same for the models though, so these fit well into my existing Russian horde for FoW/world war two figures.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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