BloodBowl Chaos team

I have had these on my painting table for quite some time and so after finished the 6mm army I thought it time to finish them. So below is a shot of the fully team
Although a chaos team, each model being a different colour distracts from the theme of the team, I tried resolve that to some extent by the theme and consistent basing. Where each of the models stands on the base it ‘corrupts’ the nice grass and that has died back. It sort of works but is not as good an effect as I had hoped.

I am however quite happy how the Chaos Warriors came out. These are GW mutant Space Marines, without their backpacks. I have done each in their own paint colours, which sort of match the Games Workshop four ‘chaos power’. Of course, the pack made 5 figures so the fifth one is yellow and has a chainsaw. That figure will be star player on the team.

I tried to blend the colours a little on these – it’s most apparent on the yellow, red and blue models which you can see(I hope).The minotaur is made from the GW fantasy Chaos Spawn plastic kit. The other model from that you will soon – as I’m going to use that as a Beast of Nurgle for the extra models that I am working on to add a Nurgle team from the basics of this team. I also saw this base of this figure as a little too plane so added a field white line to the base, to offset that. Then there have the chaos beast-men. These are the Games Workshop original models that I picked up on ebay last year. Although there are only two poses they are not bad models. I made them consistent. Most of the painting on the skin of these models was done by stains – so highlights and washes rather than direct painting. You can see both poses below – one photo per model pose.

Lastly, are the two mutant beast-men. Again limited figures but they seemed to paint up well.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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4 Responses to BloodBowl Chaos team

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  2. Tristan says:

    Would love to see this team at Canadian Open 2015 – we don’t have a chaos team registered yet (there were two last year)
    Love your chaos marine warriors 🙂

    • mellis1644 says:

      I know I’m going to miss the early registration bonus but I’ll be there if I have the weekend free. Until the week before I won’t know so I prefer to not register and then do so when I can confirm. I hate backing out (or just not turning up). I have found Chaos a hard team to play with though and Nurgle even harder. I’ve had my best success with Lizards and Orcs (and the Circus Goblins!!!).

  3. Tristan says:

    Well you will miss out on the bonus tournament 1 use reroll but you can still save $5 right up to March 12th.

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