First Seven Years War Russian Infantry

After finishing my Allied army in 6mm, and really liking the overall effect, I wanted to ensure I have a competitive opposing army to fight it. I have had books on the Russian army in this period for years and so it seemed a perfect army to start work on next. So just finished, and off the table are my first 8 bases/battalions. This makes 4 regiments of Russian infantry. Below are some pictures. First a normal the group shot:

So now too the detailed shots. Again, as the Allied army I painted the units are based on the real Russian regiments. As it happens, each of the Russian regiments had 2 battalions in the field for much of the war and that works well with various rule sets. So, for each regiment one units has the colonel’s flag, and the other has the regimental flag.

First the Sankt-Peterburgskiy regiment:

Next is the Rostovskiy regiment:

Then we have the Schlusselburgskiy regiment:Lastly, the Chernigovskiy regiment:


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  1. Sweet! Can’t to see them on the table.

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