Nurgle expansion figures

A few weeks ago I posted pictures of my just finished BloodBowl Chaos team. Well the second part of that project was to add the extra players for me to also field a Nurgle team. This team will use four each of the beastmen and the chaos warriors from the above team with the extra’s here. It means that I can only field one of the teams at a time but in reality  I’m likely to do that anyway, as playing one team is hard enough for me. Chaos and Nurgle were some of the first teams I wanted to paint so it’s interesting that it’s taken me so long to do it really.

So first we have the Nurgle rotters, with front and back shots. These guys are done to blend into the Beastmen/chaos team but also show that they are rotting/unwell players. I think that worked out o.k.and they use the old GW models which are not that bad, but have limited poses. Again I used more of a layers of washes on the skin and cloths which has seemed to add more depth to the finished figures.

Next and finally is the beast of Nurgle. This came out ok but I admit this was a drag to finish. In the end did not like the model I got for this. The idea was to make a ‘Green Monster’ player from the plastic GW chaos spawn set. I used the other model for the Minotaur in the chaos team. Overall, I’m not really that impressed with either model, which is unusual as normally games workshop figures are nice to paint. I am learning (the hard way), that painting models I dislike is harder than doing ones which catch my imagination. Neither figure really painted up that well. They are alright but not great.

I did try to blend the dark green to light green to red for the feelers/tentacles on it’s back. The final result is ok  but not as good as I had hoped. It’s not awful though, so I kept it, but unlike the washing colours I think I need a lot more practice on this painting technique. The blending did work o.k. quite well on the chaos warriors so this was likely just too extreme a colours change for my skill.

Finally, I decided to create some custom tokens for rerolls and scoring etc. for the team. These are chaos symbols burnt into the grass – I thought is was an interesting idea and something achievable as a modeling project. It also follows the teams figures bases which have the grass burnt/shriveled down around the figures feet. So I did the the four chaos god symbols and then two 8 pointed stars. See what you think.

Not sure what Bloodbowl team I’ll do next but I have a load of historical figs next up on the painting table.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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