Anglo-Danish Hearthguard

I have started work again on a long relegated to the back of the painting pile project – an Anglo-Danish/Anglo-Saxon army for the SAGA rules. SAGA is a Dark ages Skirmish rules which use between 25 and 80 figures per side, with average side being around 45. Of course, I have more figures than this – way too many really but the models are being painted for this rules set. They were originally for larger ancients games, and may still be used for that purpose in the future.So above are my first batch of figures for the Aglo-Danish faction for game. They are Hearthguard, who were the personal retinue of a Anglo-Danish warlord/boss. There are enough models here to nearly field a very specialist force, so it’s overkill really but heck I had the models. All have the characteristic often two handed axe and shield.

The figures use a simple paint scheme of mainly greens and reds, with shading etc. This allows each of them all to be different, but keep the same theme and style. As the figures are from Old Glory, some of the models are better than others, but I think you’ll agree overall they paint up very nicely. They work well as a unit for other systems – the Anglo Saxon/Danish axemen.I still find painting eye’s on models of this scale hard but all have them have their eye’s painted, but maybe just not quite so well as experts would have. I try hard to avoid the ‘large eye stare’ which is off putting in figures though.  Also, in the pictures they seem to have come out a little shiner than the figures really are. The basing is simple but different than the Vikings I already had painted to should get them a consistent look as an force, as I plan to continue using greens and reds for the rest of the figures.

In SAGA the Hearthguard are bought in groups of four figures for warbands, so the 20 I have painted are shown below in groups of four- front and back shot to highlight the shields etc.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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