Huzzah for the Russian Hussars

Back to my ongoing 6mm project for the Seven Years War (SYW) Russian army.  This time it’s a set of Hussar regiments. Although these likely would be able to stand in for early Napoleonic period irregular Hussars as well. Again I used the Kronoskaf project as a source of the uniforms, but I did take a bit more liberty around the flags for some of the units.These are light horse/skirmishers – irregular in many rules sets and so as you can see I based them in a quite distributed manner across the base. This will clearly differentiate them on the table top from heavier, formed cavalry units. I used all the figures I have, so ended up with 9 bases of these, even though in most rules I’ll only be able to use 8, as I double up the bases into a unit. This is one pack of Baccus Russian Hussars and so is a more ‘efficient’ way of basing than the one Peter has on his pictures.These should be enough for most games for ireggular horse – but of course, I still have some Cossacks to paint as after all, what would a Russian force be without those!

For the separate, closer up shots the units below are more detailed shots. First the Serbskiy Hussars (Serbian):The Grunzinskiy Hussars (Georgian):The Vengerskiy Hussars (Hungarian):Finally, a single base each of the  Moldavskiy (Moldavian), Slobodskiy (Slovakian) and Makedonskiy (Macedonian) Hussars:


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