Flemish mercenaries and an Anglo-Danish warlord

Continuing the SAGA painting project I found I had an odd and varied set of troops with ‘unusual’ shields for the period from one of my purchases long ago. With the new rules for Flemish Mercenaries just released these models seemed to be a perfect group to represent these more unusual troops on the battle field. They are a single 1 pt warrior band which allows me to field them various forces.

Again, the flash on the camera seems to have highlighted the varnish, but in real life they are not shiny. I may try another coat of matte varnish to see if that helps, but I’m always careful to avoid too much varnish. Also, painting and then attaching the shields is more of a pain with these models as the shields are bigger and do not stick that well compared to the others I did. I can see many repair jobs being required on them…

I must admit that the ‘leader’ of the Flemish mercenaries definitely seems to have been watching the 3o0 movie a little too much for Dark age posing – but heck it made me smile. See what you think:So for the group shot of the mercenaries. The Flemish medieval flag is yellow and black but as these guys are mercenaries I went with Yellow and grey, with black as the separator. I tried some shield colour highlights which worked out well I think. As normal for my figs in this period each model has a unique shield pattern. They should also stand out compared to the normal troops.Then from the back, and you can see the red and green theme even on these guys from the back.Lastly, I worked on my first true SAGA commander for the Anglo-Danish/Saxons. This guy is more Anglo-Saxon than Danish though as he uses a sword, not an Axe. I’m using 40×40 bases for the commanders so they stand out from the normal troops and this seems to work.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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