Vietnam War 15mm US squad – first try painting

I’ve always been interested in the Vietnam War for many years. I guess it’s the use of helo’s and small infantry tactics plus the politics behind the conflict. Playing games and especially painting mini’s for this has always been a goal of mine – but a long range one, as I want to do it right. I have picked up various mini’s in various scales (6mm, 15mm, 1/72 and 20mm), as well as games for this period but never painted any of the mini’s I have. I fear of not doing it right I guess. Also, I have to say, although I have various scales I keep getting drawn back to 15mm due to the wide variety of manufactures and mini’s available.

So last night, for a complete change in painting (see the previous posts), I broke open a packet of cheap 15mm mini – from Quality Castings (Old Glory 15mm), from the lead pile to have a go and see what I can do with them. Looking around there is a massive variation on the opinions of colours and shades that the uniforms should be. These figures are not the best, but are good for me to try out different things to see what works for this scale and period for me. I likely will use these for games but my main focus is to try some different techniques/colours over the next little while to see what works for this period.

So my first 15mm Vietnam War US army squad is below. I did not want to clutter the bases up too much but wanted to add a little something to them. All are based on the now becoming rare Canadian pennies. Overall, although the figs are not great, especially the helmets and faces, but they are ok and I’ve seen worse – from more expensive manufactures such as battlefront. This group includes a LAW and grenade launcher as well as one pose in a flack jacket.So below are a few front and back views. The variation between the webbing and the uniform is likely not enough in these, with the webbing pouches and helmet being a little too dark in contrast. However, they are modeled on some pictures I have so are not that unrealistic.I tried a subtle pattern on the helmets which may be a little too subdued – which is realistic but not great visually at this scale. The next lot I do I’m going to go to a darker green or maybe a more beige tone to the uniforms. The worn, faded green I tried to get here sort of works but I’m not sure is quite correct. Also, the next set I want to try will have African-American troops.

Well not an awful first attempt I guess and broke my cherry on the Vietnam War painting pile.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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