Trial15mm Vietnam troops finished

Well the title says it all. I have not had a lot of painting time this month but have managed to complete several more test paint trials for the US troops and finished close to a Air Cav platoon in strength of figures. You can see below the results of the different paint styles.

First a darker colouring- this includes the M60 crew as well:Next a group who have very faded/light green uniforms:Lastly, a set with somewhat faded uniforms but brown tinged webbing vs the green of the others. Again this has an M60 crew, who are using the ground as cover. The picture below is a more vertical view of the M60’s. These are based on UK 2 pence pieces (which I got on a trip there) vs the pennies for single figs.I have to say I’m still not sure which paint scheme I like most for these figures. The first and last pictures shown above seem to be the best – although the last ones do look a little too much like WW2 to me. So the first or last on this page may be the ‘winners’. The former is more realistic I suspect.

The whole platoon is shown below mixed together. On the table the different paint effects blend in quite well even though they can be seen. So I don’t think these figs will go to waste when I get their opponents done as well.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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