First Victor Charlie in 15mm

With my continuing interest with the Vietnam War, I needed to start to look at some opponents to the previously finished US infantry troops. So, I have spent a little time working on my first set of opponents. The full group so far painted are below.Again, just as the US troops, these are Quality Castings (Old Glory 15mm) figs. Although not the greatest I can’t really complain about the price, and they are not bad when painted up, so overall I have to say I’m happy with them. I have painted these in an irregular green/brown semi-uniform style. There are variations in the unforms but overall they have a similar feel. The next lot I’ll try in the “classic black PJ’s” look but from my reading and research it seems the People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) had many irregular units who did dress in these types of colours. The colours can be seen in close up below. The troops also have more cover on their bases than I normally use, which hides some of the figure but also gives them more character. After all the real guys fought out of ambush a lot and Vietnam has a lot of varying foliage from my understanding. I was hoping to go with basing which would fit well with a Mekong delta or highlands area type game for both these and the US figs, and I hope that has worked.

So a close up of the troops is below. The command decision pack game with 32 figs, 2 with RPG’s and 2 with support weapons so this basically allows a platoon of PAVN forces.  The exact make up of a platoon varied a lot I believe in the field. But in these uniforms they work well as semi-regular troops.Lastly, a top down shot, to give a different perspective of the figures. this also shows the basing in a different way.I have to say, painting 15mm uniformed troops is much easier than the 28mm stuff. But from these photo’s I can see I need to touch up the paint around the bases edges a little on these guys. Oh well…

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to First Victor Charlie in 15mm

  1. lekw says:

    fantastic web page and figures. Really like the 6mm stuff. Can I ask what Baccus flags you used for the Seven Years War Hanover and Hessian regiments? Seems like you did not use the early 18th century hess-hanover flag sheet?

    • mellis1644 says:

      Thanks for the nice words – I try, but am not an expert painter. I did not use the Baccus flags and have not been doing so on any units other than the British, which were my first units. I have been using the flags of the various regiments from the site. This is a great site for all kinds of info for the period. I just scale down the images from those sites from the various flags.

  2. lekw says:

    fantastic, thanks for the info. Love your blog and working on SYW allied army myself. Loving the russians as well.

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