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Tiger for Tunisia

I have not had chance to do much painting recently, but I did manage to finish off one project which has been sitting on my painting table for over a year now! That’s a Tiger tank for my DAK WW2 … Continue reading

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Russian Seven Years War artillery train

I’ve been busy doing the foot and cavalry troops for the Russian army, but I thought it was time that I produced the artillery train. After all the Russians are renowned for their use of Artillery in the 18th and … Continue reading

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Russian Husars as light Cavalry

Well I bought too many Baccus figures for my Russian army for Might and Reason. I did not want to waste them though and as the armies are being used more for Maurice system (, I thought I would paint … Continue reading

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Cuirassiers join the Russian ranks

Continuing my progress on the SYW Russians, below are two Cuirassier regiments. These are the Lifeguards and the Prince Fedorovitch regiments. These add a little more punch to the Russian mounted force that I can field for this army.I believe … Continue reading

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