Russian Seven Years War artillery train

I’ve been busy doing the foot and cavalry troops for the Russian army, but I thought it was time that I produced the artillery train. After all the Russians are renowned for their use of Artillery in the 18th and 19th centuries – well their use of a lot of it, even though it was not always that effective. So with no extra fanfare – I introduce the Russian gun line:I did some digging and could not find a definitive colour for the equipment, so half are red and the other have a more natural wood colour. This also means that for Maurice, where I seriously doubt I’ll use more than 6 bases of artillery in a single army, the second group can be loaned out to others (or used by say my British army). This does seem to happen a lot with my Russian army at present, and in reality was part of the reason for painting them in the first place!As can be seen I did support bases so the smaller bases (Maurice sized) can also be used in Might and Reason. I don’t have to use them and they are a little odd but are needed for that rules set. I’m not sure I like the 30mm basing for art and likely would recommend 30 x 60 for others when you build your forces. The extra depth is nice – but the 60×60 I used for the British is a little too awkward for Maurice.So, although I have a few units still to do this is now starting to look like a real army and I see the end of the 6mm Russians now, although I still have more work to do on them.

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  1. The church fathers must be screaming – nice work!

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