Russian Command and Grenadiers – both horse and foot

I’m slowly working on completing my 6mm Russian forces. These are getting there but there it still seems to be a long way to go. This has turned into a much bigger project that I had planned – but that seems to happen to me a lot. I like complete armies I guess.

So, showing the state of the army – first I have completed the command figures. This is good as I do have enough Russian forces to be fielded as a complete Maurice army now – but not quite enough for Might and Reason.  The army commander is the one with 3 figures, other officers have just 2. Most wear the regulation Russian green coat of officers, but some have a red coat instead. This may be the inner coat in one case or just a rule breaker in another – the difference is whether they have cuffs on the red coat.I also have finished the Horse Grenadiers as can be seen below. These guys were not heavily involved in the SYW but some regiments did participate in some of the battles so it’s a valid set of units to represent in a force. They also add a few different units and flavor to my Russian armies, with their light blue coats. As they are ‘special elite’ troops – at least in name, I gave them all grey horses. I don;t believe that is historically accurate but is another visual differentiator at 6mm on the table when gaming.

As these are a unique force I painted all the bases up vs. my usual just doing 4 bases – i.e. 2 units and allowing the other figs to be used sometime later.Lastly here are a couple of Russian foot Grenadier regiments. These not only have the grenadier cap’s and white gaiters (just to add and extra difference than the black used for musketeers) but also have no flags in their bases. I got the lack of flags from several items but I believe after further research that they did actually have flags. So the last few bases of these I still have to do (another 4) will be with flags just to balance that out.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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One Response to Russian Command and Grenadiers – both horse and foot

  1. lekw says:

    they look fantastic. Following this project.

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