Bolt Action 15mm Soviet force

This is painting project but not all my own work displayed in this one. That’s because when a good friend David B offered some of his extra Soviet Flames of War (FoW) infantry that he as not going to use any more I jumped at the chance – David is an excellent painter and has won prizes for his paint work. I never say no to extra toys, especially when painted by such a talented person as this!

However, have a large Soviet Flame of War collection/army myself and so was not sure what to do with them. Their basing style was different than my own force for one thing – as you can see  (my base is on the left, David’s is on the right) :Then along came the Bolt Action rules a month or so ago. Several of us in the club decided to play this game in 15mm due to cost and speed of project completion. Then, I had an idea for how to use for David’s soviets. If I re-based them for Bolt Action (which works best with individually based figures) and used a basing system which more matched my FOW basing scheme, I’d have a great set of figures and a fast completed, fully painted project. All ready for the gaming table!

Thus, this project was born, and completed. As an added bonus I can use some of my own FoW based troops for the Bolt Action support teams/vehicles, especially as such teams do not need to be separately based. You can see the final completed force below. I did keep a lot of David’s basing style with the figs but merged it with mine. I think the end results for the figures are great.Really though, all the wow factor in the project are David’s figures so here are a few close up photo’s. First a few close ups of the command group – including a medic and commander. I did a few touch ups on these, such as repainting the medical bag white, adding the flag etc and touched up some worn paint. All the individual figures are based on Canadian pennies, so are approx 19mm in diameter.Now a few close up shots of some squad of 10 men and then a group of all the SMG troops. Note, some figs have red on the base to indicate the squad NCO where required.  Below are the light mortar, forward observer and MMG teams for the force. Next, a shot of a sniper team, forward observer, anti-tank rifle and a T32/85 tank which I can also use in the force. The later two are from my own figures not those I got from David. You can see now my FoW basing works with the other units at least reasonably well. It’s not perfect but it works.Lastly, again as a drop in from my Flames of War force, is an Il-2 Sturmovik ground attack aircraft (the flying tank) that the troops can call on if needed. So the forward controller can be for artillery or air support.The 15mm scale is much cheaper for BA and easier to get a painted army on the table. It also allows reuse of FoW teams and vehicles, so I have many options with this force. I have well over 1000 pts of Soviets here for Bolt Action, with 5 squads of 10 troops, two 9 man SMG squads, a medic, commander and some spare guys (with rifles and LMG’s should I wish to field more smaller squads), as well as a sniper, MMG, light mortar and tank support. I can add heavy mortars and more commanders if needed from my flames of war troops.You can see how long some of my painting projects take from my blog, so getting this done in a couple of weeks and ready to play was a great concept. Also, the 15mm scale for Bolt Action  means that others can have painted armies done in a short period of time and little cost rather than in many months. This is a large Bolt Action force and many opponents will not need so many figures – especially as we will be playing 500 pt games for now. This means I’ll have painted opposing armies to play against soon in the club and without people breaking the bank to do so.

Before anyone asks I do eventually plan on a 28mm WW2 force but that’s a lot of work, so why not play games in 15mm now!


About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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3 Responses to Bolt Action 15mm Soviet force

  1. I like the basing on these.

  2. Joe Okabayashi says:

    Fantastic idea; BA using FoW figures! Beautiful work on your figures. What did you use for individual round bases?

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