The Cossacks are comming!

What Seven Years War Russian army would be complete without some Cossacks?

None I say, so I had to paint some up for this project. I had bought more than are shown here, but traded some to a friend in the club as he needed a few bases for his Maurice army. To be fair, I doubt that I’ll use all the 9 bases for a force anyway, and I have some irregular hussars (painted and show previously on this blog) which can be used if more irregular mounted forces are needed.
These were my first figs I tried in an non-uniform way in this scale, although I did try to keep them somewhat consistent across 2 bases. So there are mainly red and blue colours in the two sets of figures – you can see them below, with the red in front and the blue/grey behind. Although to be fair there are quite a bit of variation in these figs. I did try to finish these figures to a reasonable but not perfect level, so for example they have mustaches  as they are on the models.

Overall, I’m impressed with the effect of the bases at distance, even if the fine details of them is not to the level of some really good 6mm painters. They certainly give the overall effect of a wild bunch of irregular spear armed troops – which is perfect.
You likely also note that again I used fewer figs than on the Baccus site on each base. I think these are better suited for the irregular units which these are in games of either Might and Reason or Maurice. It also means I get more bases of troops out of the pack and can easierly differentiate these from more regular units on the table top.

About mellis1644

A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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