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Thunderbolts and lightnings

Continuing the aim of painting up some more aircraft, I have now finished a few more for the Pacific period. Below, you can see the P-38 Lightnings and P-47 Thunderbolts which I finished. All the paint colours are influenced from … Continue reading

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Flying Tigers and the sea stands

It’s been a while since I did some CY6! gaming or painting so to that end I organized and will be running a game for the club. However, as part of that I set myself a goal of having some … Continue reading

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Last of the SYW Russians

Well it had to happen. Another project complete – this is the second Might and Reason/Maurice army I have done this year. So the last part are another 8 bases of Russian infantry, 4 regular infantry and 4 guard bases.Unlike … Continue reading

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The return of Victor Charlie

So, another post on my ongoing self initiated and unilateral foray into Vietnam War in 15mm. I wanted to ensure that this was not completely forgotten as for some reason I do enjoy painting these guys. Too many movies I … Continue reading

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SAGA Anglo-Danish/Saxon missile armed levy

Well this is it for my Anglo-Danish/Saxon SAGA forces. Adding 24 peasant levy figures to my collection means that I’m done for painting this force – at least for now. Below is shown all the missile troops (12 bow and … Continue reading

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