SAGA Anglo-Danish/Saxon missile armed levy

Well this is it for my Anglo-Danish/Saxon SAGA forces. Adding 24 peasant levy figures to my collection means that I’m done for painting this force – at least for now. Below is shown all the missile troops (12 bow and 12 sling armed), so 2 pts of forces. These are from the unarmored Saxon box from Wargames Factory.First a few close up shots of the bow armed figs. These are standard Wargames Factory figures without any customization. I have to say as a general don’t like the necks on these figures and although some of the poses look ok some of them are a little ‘giraffe style’. Had I known I’d had done a lot more work on the necks of the figures when putting them together.  I have seen others do a better job on them – but that requires more modeling time and effort. The poses are also not the greatest for bow armed figures but are passable.Note, after starting work on the armored Vikings the neck problem is not on that set, so it must be a more pronounce issue in this set. Still the final figures are not that bad really, as can be seen from the close ups here. I tried a slightly different painting technique on the faces and I’m still on the fence about the results on these figs. It kind of works but I may go back to the my previous method. This made the faces a little too pale, with deep set eye’s – but then again the poor are not the healthiest group generally.The second set are sling armed. As the Wargames Factory set did not come with slings I thought I would try to make them up, using green stuff. Overall I think this came out ok, but again my limited modeling skills show through. The slings are all green stuff, and some of them have a brass rod inserted as a strengthener and to hopefully avoid the slings breaking in transit or play.I’m not wonderfully impressed with the ‘in throwing action’ poses, but the ones holding the slings are not bad. The figures are cheap and the molding and sculpting is ok but I have to say I prefer the ‘Old Glory’ and ‘Gripping beast’ lead figures I have used previously (see the previous blogs) rather than these cheaper plastic ones. But these do fulfill their role in the force well and for the price you can’t really complain too much about these models.Overall though, this nicely allows me to field some missile armed troops for SAGA, if I want to. As few people here have mounted forces this type of troops so far has shown limited value in the games played, but these guys are now ready.

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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to SAGA Anglo-Danish/Saxon missile armed levy

  1. What are you using for the “pebbles” on the bases?

  2. mellis1644 says:

    It’s a GW pebble mix I’ve had for years. All the stones are pretty much the same size. It works to break up the base and make some texture, then adding grass breaks that up and gives a reasonable final effect, and a consistent look to all the figures in the force.

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