The return of Victor Charlie

So, another post on my ongoing self initiated and unilateral foray into Vietnam War in 15mm. I wanted to ensure that this was not completely forgotten as for some reason I do enjoy painting these guys. Too many movies I guess. I have been working on some traditionally garbed Viet Cong (or VC/Victor Charlie as they were called by the US troops) figures. You can see the troops below. So in no specific order are some close up shots to show a little more detail. These are actually the same make of figures that I painted up previously from Quality Castings (Old Glory 15mm). This is the ‘advancing pack’ though. I wanted them to have the archetype Vietnamese straw hats though, which was not on the figures. After all, those are what the guys and girls wear in the movies. So, I modeled some with green stuff on top of the figures existing hats to make them! Overall, I have to say I’m happy with how they came out. It’s not the greatest modeling job but they work and look OK. You can see with the mixture of figures the before and after, as I did not do all the figures in this way. I was not sure if the straw hats are too yellow as well, but overall I think they came out alright. My other options was more in the same shade/colour group as the cloth ones. I also tried to get the ‘black pajamas’ look for the figures. I used a dark grey as highlight which seemed to work out well and the hats give a nice contrast.However, no VC group would be complete without some saboteurs. So, I got a pack from Peter Pig in the UK and these are painted up below. Three guys have satchel’s which would be full of explosives – a common suicide or thrown weapon. The others have box charges on poles, perfect for taking out wire fences defense systems.Lastly, I have a couple of downed US pilots, again from Peter Pig. These will make great targets for games and other scenario’s. I have more of these guys to paint, but it’s good to have a few targets in with the VC after all.


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A painter and gamer who has no illusions about being the best painter but likes to play with decently painted toys and have fun gaming
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2 Responses to The return of Victor Charlie

  1. Looks good. At what rules are you looking?

    • mellis1644 says:

      I’m definitely going to try Force on Force for a game or two. I also have ‘Charlie don’t surf’ rules while I give a go plus I might even adapt Bolt Action to the period (it would not be hard) – the later would only work for high intensity engagements though.

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