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Roman/Romano-British cavalry and command

This is the second part of the Roman/Romano-British force – the cavalry and other bits of the forces. I managed to get this completed by the end of the year (yippee), so this is the last blog post this year. … Continue reading

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Roman/Romano-British foot

As a painting motivation the local guys set up some informal ‘do before the end of the world – according to the Mayans’ targets to see if we could do projects before the the 21st of December. Mine was the … Continue reading

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Falklands War aircraft

Well it’s 30 years since the Falklands was and this is one of the few game period areas which I have lived through and are willing to play games in. I have always been interested in the air war for … Continue reading

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DBM game – Sea People vs Ancient Libyans

This is a first for me – a battle report on my blog, but I though I’d try writing one up as this shows the figures I paint in action. It was also a fun game and I don’t play … Continue reading

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