Roman/Romano-British foot

As a painting motivation the local guys set up some informal ‘do before the end of the world – according to the Mayans’ targets to see if we could do projects before the the 21st of December. Mine was the get a 6mm Roman/Romano-British army painted for the Dux Bellorum rules painted. This is the first of several armies I want to paint up for this rules set. I did not quite mange it but you can see what I have finished below. I have most of the foot troops done at least so that’s not too bad.First stage of the Roman/Romano-British forceOf course, I want to give myself options to use this force. I wanted to ensure that I could use the army for the both the Dux Bellorum, DBA and Basic Impetus rules sets. That means I need a few more options and bases to do this than would be needed just for one set of rules, but that’s ok. This will give me more flexibility in the long term, especially as this is not a popular scale really for ancients in the local area, so I will have to provide both sides for games.

I decided to use 6cm wide base widths as standard, which is the 25mm figure basing for DBA and the standard for Impetus 6mm. The depths of bases are as for DBA and impetus. All the figures are 6mm Baccus from their Late Roman range. Below are just the heavy foot.Roman/Romano-British heavy footThis base size allows for some scenic basing of the figures, without going to a huge expense on the figures or bases used. I tried a different basing technique as well, trying to reflect British grasslands/pasture where I expect many of the battles of the period would have been fought. Various people are interested in this period and rules, but they are busy with different projects. I wanted to see what the it would look like in 6mm and play those rules, so decided to do this project myself. I will create multiple forces in the coming months, so at to allow games with opponents. Below is the shot from the top of all the units I have done so far.Roman foot - top viewSo, for the more detailed shots, first up the skilled/better shieldwall troops. These guys are in full chain-mail armour, and each unit has an advanced and unique shield design. They can be the better heavy foot units in the various rules sets – so Blades or Spear in DBA, the companions/noble foot in Dux Bellorum and impetus. These are also in 2 formed lines, as you might expect for experienced and skilled troops.Skilled heavy footThen we have the ‘normal’ foot troops. These guys mostly have helmets and their shields are provided to them so the units have that consistency. This will be good to differentiate them from their opponents, who I plan to do with a lot more variation in shields. These units all have an inconsistent second line of troops and also have simpler shield designs – just a single consistent colour, compared to the expert ones above.  This should allow them to be differentiated easily in play.  Normal Roman shieldwallNext up are the light horse. I really like how these have come out and their are more horse regiments on the painting table at present. These are the start of the mounted arm which the Romano-British especially are known for- King Aurthur anyone?Light HorseRoman Light HorseLastly, for this post are the skirmish troops. These are the one set of units which DBA and Impetus rules have different base sizes for. However, as there are so few figures per base it’s not a major issue so I did both. I could have (and may still) use 3cm deep bases for the impetus rules, but I thought I’d do some 2 cm deep anyway. Below are the smaller skirmisher bases.Roman SkirmishRoman Skirmish 2Then we have the BDA Psiloi – who have a deeper 3 cm bases. I put 6 figures on these bases not the 4 in the smaller depth bases. In Impetus these can be used as poor light foot troops or more skirmishers. Roman BDA Psiloi Roman BDA Psiloi 2So over the holidays I hope to finish off the rest of this force, which are the cavalry arm plus some lighter infantry – the Aux in DBA or FL in impetus. Interestingly these troops are not needed for the Dux rules. I may even get to start workto the opponents of the Romans. Overall I have to say I’m quite happy how the figures and bases have turned out so far.

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  1. You had to go there. 6mm, huh? Hmmm.

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