Roman/Romano-British cavalry and command

This is the second part of the Roman/Romano-British force – the cavalry and other bits of the forces. I managed to get this completed by the end of the year (yippee), so this is the last blog post this year. You can see all the new bases below.The Cavalry and extrasAgain I tried to keep the colours fairly standard – focusing on blues and reds, and the basing is the same to tie together the army. This new style seems to work well for the 6mm figs. Although this time the colours are more focused on the particular units to help with the differentiation of units.

So for the close ups. First we have the heavy cavalry. These are in a formed line and in a very orgnaized format. You can see that one of the units has a double line of troopers. ‘ll use for Dux Bellorum as the companions for the force, or in DBA as the force commander. Overall, these have come out well and highlight the structured nature of Roman cavalry.6mm Romano-British Heavy Cavalry ???????????????????????????????Next we have the lighter cavalry. These will be the normal cavalry for Bux Bellorum forces and lesser (medium) cavalry in the Impetus rules set. As you can see these are in less structured layout than the heavy cavalry. The less dense layout has the same figure count as above bases, and have a much larger numbers of figures than the light horse troops I did in the previous post for this force.6mm Romano-British Light Cavalry - front 6mm Romano-British Light Cavalry - backThen we have the Cataphracts. These are very questionable for a British force but what the heck. They are in several of the rules sets I want to use. I just did 4 bases of these and doubled up the figures on a couple of the bases to highlight their strength. Thus, those bases are heavy in figures so that they looks the part though.6mm Roman Cataphracts 6mm Roman CataphractsAny force also needs some commanders, so using 30mm round bases I put in a couple of bases together. I’ll be honest and say I really like the way these came out.6mm Roman commanders 6mm Roman commandersLastly, we have the DBA Auxiliary units – or in impetus terms FL, or light foot. These are a combination of Baccus javelin and spear troops. I’m still not 100% happy with these but they do work and will be obvious on the table as a different type and style of troop than the others. They will be different than the more ‘warband’ nature of their opponents, so should work ok.6mm Roman Auxiliary Infantry 6mm Roman Auxiliary InfantrySo there we are. A 6mm Roman/Romano-British force done in a month. This also provides a good set of figures for all the rules sets I was focusing on for these- DBA, Impetus and Dux Bellorum. I guess now I need to focus on their opponents. At 6mm the advantage is these will be able to morph between the various opponents with a high degree of ease.


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2 Responses to Roman/Romano-British cavalry and command

  1. Very good. Im working my way through various bits and pieces myself, as at some point ill be doing a few armies for this period too. i have book marked your page, looking forwaard to seeing your next armies!


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