More US Korean War planes

Since the holidays I have been ill with the cold/flu which has been going around and so not managed to get much hobby stuff done. I was feeling bad and work took the priority as you would expect. However, this last weekend finally I managed to finish a few more 1/600 aircraft. These bulk out my Korean War jet selection.

First, we have a collection of F9-F Panthers. Flown by the US navy during the Korean war from their carriers these are typical period jets. I took a few different paint styles from different pictures. So these can be from different squadrons when used in a game.F9F Panther top F9F Panther side view F9F Panther flightThe rest of the new planes are from US Air Force. These are painted in the typically yellow markings of the Korean War.

First I have the F-80 Shooting Star. This was more of a fighter bomber in the war and although a new plane was already starting to show it’s age. It did have several MIG kills though and could put up a decent fight it is had too. However, in the larger scenario’s these are more likely to be the target of enemy MIG’s and on a bombing mission than anything else.F80C Shooting Star sideF80C Shooting Star topAnd then I have some F-84 Thunderjet, in theory a fighter again by the time of the Korean War this again become a strike aircraft used for bombing. It was not well respected and definitely had it’s challenges, but it had a respectable Korean War record all in all. Although the F-84 started the war flying air cover for the super fortresses, but had a hard time vs. the MIG’s and was replaced by the Sabre. It did do a great number of ground strike missions though so again it will get used in our games.  F-84E Thunderjet topF-84E Thunderjet sideYou may be able to tell in these photos but I also got some USAF decals for my Korean War planes. So I went back and added these to the Sabres as well. You can see the end result below- just (the USAF on the left hand wing if you look closely). I mentioned that I was lacking these last time and although fiddly, I’m happy I did them, as I think it completes the Air Force planes in this scale.F-86 Sabre top with all decals

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  1. Ooooh. Looking forward to jets.

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