Amoured Vikings and a barn

I seem to be doing a lot of different projects at present. Anyway, below are a few armored Vikings for SAGA. I guess could be used for other factions in SAGA as well if needed. The shields came out  little Celtic, as I try do each shield as a unique one. So they could easily be Scots or Vikings who have spent time in Ireland as well. These are mostly Wargames Factory plastic models. I got them as although I have quite a few Vikings I don’t have that many armoured in full chain-mail shirts. They are OK but not great models in my opinion. Overall, they do paint up quite well though. I also finished another building – a barn this time. You can see them all below.Vikings infront of the barnThe leader model I painted is actually an Old Glory metal model – with a plastic axe from the Wargame Factory pack. Overall this came out well and provides another commander for the games I host/play. Just as the rest of the Vikings he is based like on a beach/muddy area. Although, in this case as the base is so big, I may end up adding a little static grass.
leaderThe Wargame Factory figures are a little easier to put together than the unarmored Anglo-Saxon ones. They don’t have the long necks on these figures, which are hard to deal with in the Anglo-Saxon pack. The plastics just seem to be missing that ‘something’ for me, but I’m not sure what that is and at the same time you can’t complain about the price. Also, the detail on the figures is reasonable and there was not too bad flash or mould lines on them.

So, overall I do still like them and would recommended them to others who want a cheap and reasonable selection of figures. Below you can see detail shots of the fronts and backs of the 16 models. As normal I keep to the same colour pallet and basing for the different forces. My Vikings are use mainly blue and grey’s, as do these figures. So although each is different they still do feel like a single force on the table.
troops1 troops2 troops3 troops4To go along with these figure I finished another 28mm building – this time a barn/shed/small building. This adds another piece of terrain we can use for fighting over/around in our games. The roof comes off this to allow figures to be placed inside which is nice. This is also another very lightweight terrain piece so is easy to carry too and from games.
building 1


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