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ACW 10mm Confederate infantry test base

A group of us are looking forward to Sam Mustafa’s Longstreet rules for the American Civil War and are starting to paint up some forces for it. I also want to be able use the figures for other rules sets … Continue reading

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Green Loadingbay Packers – Forge Father team

Here is my second team for Dreadball. This one is loosely based on the obvious namesake NFL team. I wanted to give these guys a different colour scheme than Mantic had in the rule book. I wanted to not have … Continue reading

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Late War German Infantry for Bolt Action

Previously, I had a blog entry the Soviet 15mm forces for Bolt Action that I got from a friend . I always like to paint up opposing forces, so I can have historical matched games. This also this allow me … Continue reading

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Kickstarter Veer-myn Team for Dreadball

Well I managed my first game of Dreadball this week and although we played a few of the rules wrong (now we have them right after checking on the Mantic boards) it was a great game and fun. Of course … Continue reading

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